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Nova Place April Tenant News Highlights: A Dynamic Force in Pittsburgh’s Business Landscape

We’re excited to share the latest achievements of our esteemed tenants from our Pittsburgh Office Space. From groundbreaking strides in robotics to esteemed accolades for excellence in data solutions, these highlights underscore the dynamic spirit that defines our ecosystem.

  1. Gecko Robotics Recognized Among The Most Innovative Companies in Robotics for 2024
    We're thrilled to congratulate Gecko Robotics for being named one of the most innovative companies in robotics for 2024 by Fast Company. Gecko Robotics' dedication to pushing the boundaries of robotics technology is commendable and aligns perfectly with Nova Place's commitment to fostering innovation. Read more


  2. DataBank Receives Data Center Solution of the Year Award
    Our tenant DataBank continues to shine in the tech industry, being awarded the prestigious "Data Center Solution of the Year" for its Universal Data Hall Design (UDHD) in the fifth annual Data Breakthrough Awards program by Tech Breakthrough. This recognition underscores DataBank's commitment to delivering cutting-edge solutions in colocation, interconnection, and managed services. Read more


  3. Engage with the Community: Vote for UF Best of the Burgh
    Nova Place isn't just about business; it's also about being an integral part of the vibrant Pittsburgh community. Take a moment to vote for Union Fitness as the Best Local Fitness Club for the Best of the ‘Burgh, organized by Pittsburgh Magazine.

    Vote now: Click and navigate to - Health & Beauty > > Local Fitness Club

  4. Convenient Parking for Baseball Fans
    Attention baseball enthusiasts! Did you know that Nova Place offers convenient parking just steps away from PNC Park? Whether you're catching a game or attending an event, take advantage of our parking facilities for just $15 by reserving with ParkWhiz or using your credit card upon entry.

    With Visitor Gates 3 and 4 located along South Commons, accessing PNC Park has never been easier. Prepay with ParkWhiz

At Nova Place, we take pride in celebrating the achievements of our tenants, fostering community engagement, and providing convenient amenities for all who visit. Looking to lease Pittsburgh office space? Stay tuned for more updates on how Nova Place continues to be a dynamic force in Pittsburgh's business landscape.

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