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Nova Place June Tenant News: From Diversity to Disruptors

Gecko Robotics Named a Top 50 "Disruptor" by CNBC

Gecko Robotics has achieved a significant milestone by being named a top 50 "disruptor" company by CNBC, marking the first time a Pittsburgh-based company has made this prestigious list since Duolingo in 2020. This recognition highlights Gecko's innovative contributions and disruptive potential in the market. Previously, Gecko was also acknowledged by Fast Company in March as one of the most innovative companies globally. Gecko's journey is deeply rooted in Pittsburgh’s industrial heritage, with their practical robotics solutions reflecting the city's legacy in steel production.

Read more about Gecko Robotics' achievement here.


Allen + Shariff: Optimizing Building Systems with AI

In the realm of MEP engineering, Allen + Shariff is at the forefront of integrating artificial intelligence (AI) to revolutionize building design and management. AI technology significantly enhances building performance, energy efficiency, and occupant comfort by analyzing vast data sets in real-time. This advanced technology allows for smart decision-making and optimization of building operations, such as adjusting HVAC systems for ideal indoor conditions and minimizing energy consumption. By leveraging AI, Allen + Shariff is paving the way for more sustainable and cost-effective building solutions.

Discover more about their AI-driven innovations here.


Allen + Shariff Corporation: Commitment to Diversity

Allen + Shariff Corporation recently highlighted its portfolio of diversity certifications on Facebook, showcasing its dedication to inclusion and excellence. Their Minority Business Enterprise (MBE) certifications enable them to engage in diverse projects and partnerships, delivering innovative engineering solutions that reflect the diverse communities they serve. This commitment to diversity is central to their mission of bringing inclusive and high-quality projects to life.

Learn more about their diversity initiatives here.


Federal Galley June Live Music Schedule

Enjoy live music at Federal Galley this June with a lineup of talented artists:

  • Thursday, June 20: The Evergreens, 6-8 PM
  • Friday, June 21: Flashpoint Run, 6-9 PM
  • Thursday, June 27: Drew Pinchotti, 6-8 PM
  • Friday, June 28: Cody Alushin, 6-9 PM

For more events, visit the Federal Galley events page here.

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