From the golden age of old Allegheny City to the mid-century urban renewal of Allegheny Center, see how Nova Place became what it is today.

Pittsburgh’s Innovation Space

Nova Place is a multi-million dollar urban redevelopment of the former Allegheny Center with the goals of revitalizing the community and reconnecting the North Side to downtown Pittsburgh. Nova Place encompasses 1.2 million square feet of first-class office space in addition to these luxe amenities: restaurants, a 10,000 square foot fitness center furnished with state-of-the-art equipment, modernized common areas with plush soft seating, a 3,000 car parking garage with bike storage, contemporary residential units, and Pittsburgh’s largest co-working space, Alloy 26. Nova Place is located in the historic North Side, conveniently located at the confluence of major roadways and mass transit routes, with unparalleled proximity to downtown, the stadiums, museums, restaurants and other cultural destinations unique to Pittsburgh.

The place to make history.

History of Nova Place

The site that Nova Place rests on has historic roots and was originally a walkable city.  The 36-block city was planned by John Redick in 1784, complete with common grazing areas for livestock.  By 1899, Allegheny City was a densely packed market town that was growing with both industry and culture. In 1901, at the time, Allegheny City was home to more millionaires than anywhere else in the world.

Now known as Pittsburgh’s North Side, former Allegheny City was annexed by Pittsburgh in 1907. The Federal Street connection to downtown remained intact for another 50 years.