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Exciting Developments at Nova Place: A Recap of Tenant News

Nova Place, Pittsburgh's premiere business hub, is buzzing with exciting developments from our dynamic tenants. Let's dive into the latest news shaping the landscape of Pittsburgh’s first-class office space innovation within the Nova Place community.


  1. Gecko Robotics Launches AI Asset Evaluation Tool

Nova Place welcomes groundbreaking advancements as Gecko Robotics unveils its latest AI-driven asset evaluation tool. The cutting-edge technology promises to revolutionize the way industries assess and manage their assets. By leveraging artificial intelligence, Gecko Robotics aims to enhance efficiency, accuracy, and safety in asset evaluation processes. The Nova Place community eagerly anticipates the positive impact this innovation will have on various sectors.

Key Points:

  • Gecko Robotics introduces an AI-powered asset evaluation tool.
  • The technology promises to revolutionize asset assessment processes.


  1. Nova Place Tenants Celebrate Recognition in "Best Places to Work 2023"

The vibrant community at Nova Place takes pride in its collaborative and employee-friendly atmosphere as several tenants are recognized in the "Best Places to Work 2023" awards. The accolade is a testament to the commitment of Nova Place tenants to foster a positive and supportive workplace environment. Congratulations are in order for these businesses that prioritize the well-being and satisfaction of their teams.

Key Points:

  • Congratulations to the honored businesses for prioritizing employee well-being!
  • Aspirant
  • Gecko Robotics Inc.
  • Allen + Shariff Corp.
  • Everest Infrastructure Partners LLC


  1. Aspirant Expands with the Launch of Digital Agency Division

Aspirant, a prominent member of the Nova Place community, makes waves with the launch of its digital agency division. This strategic expansion reflects the company's dedication to staying at the forefront of digital trends and providing comprehensive services to its clients. Nova Place celebrates Aspirant's forward-thinking approach and eagerly anticipates the positive impact of this new venture.

Key Points:

  • Aspirant expands its services with the launch of a digital agency division.
  • The move reflects the company's commitment to staying ahead in digital trends.


Stay tuned for more exciting updates from the Pittsburgh Office Space of Nova Place as our diverse and innovative community continues to thrive and shape the future of business and technology. The synergy of these developments fosters an environment of growth, collaboration, and success within the vibrant Nova Place ecosystem.

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