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Castle Biosciences Expands with State-of-the-Art Laboratory at Nova Place

We are thrilled to announce the addition of Castle Biosciences, a leading biotech company from Texas, to our growing tenant portfolio!


On May 24, 2023, Castle Biosciences celebrated the grand opening of their new state-of-the-art laboratory space at Nova Place with a ribbon-cutting ceremony. Members of Castle Biosciences, as well as local leaders, politicians, and the Northside community, gathered for the official opening of their 20,000+ SF space in the Concourse of Nova Place. The five-month project began with phase 1 of their space, with plans to expand into phase two with an additional 23,000+ SF. Read more about the celebration here.


Castle Biosciences has chosen Pittsburgh, specifically Nova Place as the location for its new hi-tech laboratory, marking a significant milestone in its expansion plans. This partnership is a testament to Pittsburgh's thriving life sciences industry and its position as a prime location for cutting-edge research and development.


The new laboratory at Nova Place is fully equipped with advanced facilities, allowing for innovative research and development within the field of biotechnology. Castle Biosciences' cutting-edge infrastructure provides them with the necessary resources to conduct complex analyses, diagnostics, and molecular testing.


Their strategic move to build out space at Nova Place (https://www.r3a.com/news/naiop-pittsburgh-celebrates-the-best-in-regions-development-for-2022/) demonstrates the company's commitment to expanding its operations and tapping into the region's talent pool. By establishing a presence in Pittsburgh, Castle Biosciences aims to leverage the city's resources and expertise to further advance its research and development efforts to improve both patient health and the testing that guides how patients are cared for. (BusinessWire, 2023).


Castle Biosciences' decision to choose Pittsburgh for its expansion has significant implications for the local business community. The presence of a renowned biotech company like Castle Biosciences enhances the region's reputation as a hub for life sciences and biotechnology. This development also stimulates job creation, attracts top talent, and fosters collaboration with other industry leaders, ultimately being a key factor in contributing to the overall growth and prosperity of the Pittsburgh business ecosystem.


We look forward to witnessing the positive impact Castle Biosciences will have on our community at Nova Place, the North Shore, Pittsburgh, and the broader field of biotechnology.


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