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Bike Trails in Pittsburgh

Pittsburgh is famous for its plentiful bridges, towering buildings, and three rivers. Because of the gorgeous scenery, it is a great place to get active. Luckily, Pittsburgh has an ample number of bike trails that allow you to avoid the traffic and explore the city on two wheels.

There are many paths, both paved and on wooded trails, that are viable options for bikers yearning to see the city, get some fresh air, or simply have an easier commute.  Ranging in distance from a few miles to a few hundred miles, here are some of the popular Pittsburgh pathways.

Three Rivers Heritage Trail – This trail is one of Pittsburgh’s most popular and well-known routes.  It contains 24 miles of paved pathways spanning throughout many of the Pittsburgh neighborhoods.  You can cruise past PNC Park, take a peek at the Point, and even ride past Kennywood on this great trail.  It’s perfect for a day long adventure.

Great Allegheny Passage – If you’re feeling ambitious, this trail is for you.  It offers a 150-mile trek from the Point all the way to Cumberland, MD.  You can stop there or continue along connecting trails to Washington, DC.  The best part? It’s almost completely flat!

Southside River Front Trail – Conveniently located in the South Side, this trail extends five miles along the Monongahela River.  It is easy to access from multiple points and perfect for residents of the area to explore on the weekend.  Once you’re done with your ride, it’s easy to stop by one of the many restaurants and refuel!

Riverview Park – This incredible park, located just above the North Shore, features a paved bike loop with rolling hills and little traffic to contend with.  Throughout the park, there are a total of eight miles of trails to explore.  You may stumble across hikers or even the occasional horseback rider enjoying the park too.

Frick Park – This iconic Pittsburgh park holds 644 acres of beautiful scenery.  Perfect for the more adventurous types, this park offers many trails through the woods for mountain biking.  In the fall, this park becomes even more gorgeous from the fall foliage.  You will forget the city as you lose yourself in nature.


Many of the trails in Pittsburgh are used for walkers, joggers, and bikers alike.  It is important to always be courteous and respectful of the other people on the paths.  And of course, your safety is important too.  Remember to always wear a helmet when you ride.

Although it is impossible to list every trail running through Pittsburgh, the paths above are some of the most popular and scenic choices for bikers of all skill levels. Whether you’re a long-time resident or new to the city, there is always more of Pittsburgh to see.  Enjoy the last of the warm weather and get your bike in gear!


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To learn more about the bike trails offered in Pittsburgh, check out the following website: https://fitt.co/pittsburgh/bike-trails-pittsburgh/

And, to learn more about the bike path under construction around Nova Place, check out this following website: http://www.post-gazette.com/local/city/2017/09/12/Bike-lanes-Allegheny-Center-Circle-North-Side-two-way-traffic-Pittsburgh-transportation/stories/201709120162

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