Nova Place Perks

On Site Perks

Food Trucks

Every Monday, Wednesday and Friday during the warmer months, different food trucks come to our Plaza to serve all our tenants during their lunch break. Food trucks that have been here in the past include Pittsburgh Sandwich Society, Coop Chicken and Waffles, Las Chicas, Wok of Life and Oh My Grill.

La Prima

La Prima is not your typical coffee shop. This fair-trade coffee has been around since 1988 in the Strip District. Their immense success is due to their Italian-style espresso bar that has been around for many years. Due their popularity in Pittsburgh, we decided to bring a location to Nova Place.

Union Fitness

It’s always easy to find an excuse not to exercise, but as a Nova Place tenant, it’s hard to qualify that excuse because we have a brand-new fitness center on site. Having Union Fitness just a few minutes away from your work station makes it easier for our tenants to achieve their fitness goals. Whether its early in the morning before you start your workday, during your lunch break in the afternoon, or after work, tenants can enjoy from this state-of-the-art facility weight and cardio machines, a Strength Lab, Yoga and Spin classes, and a masseuse.

Event Space

Whether you’re looking to host a small group meeting or a large event with 1,500 guests, Nova Place is the perfect venue. With unmatched amenities and space, events held in the Concourse and Alloy 26 guarantee a unique event.


Nova Place tenants are in luck because the parking garage, which is currently undergoing a multi-million-dollar renovation, is located directly below their offices. When you’re not at work, if you are visiting the Children’s Museum or catching a game at PNC Park, having access to our garage will save you the hassle of parking in the city. Our underground parking garage is open every day until midnight with 3,000 spots, making it almost impossible to not find a spot!


Cambria Hotel & Suites

Tenants receive 15% off food and beverage purchase (not valid during any other promotion) and 15% discount on rooms to this sophisticated hotel in downtown Pittsburgh.

New Hazel Theater

This theater hosts a range of artists, shows and performances like the CSA Social, Escape Velocity and Between Us and Grace. If you want to do something different this weekend, visit the theater. Tenants receive varied discounts on events, merchandise, or concessions, set forth by the theater.

Steel Cactus

Right across from Nova Place, Steel Cactus at PNC Park is the best option for a Friday afternoon lunch with coworkers. Tenants receive 10% off all food purchases at this, and all AMPD-owned restaurants.

Howl At The Moon

If you’re searching for a place to go for live music, dancing and drinks, then visit the high-energy bar Howl At the Moon. Show your Faros Perks card for free admission for two. Bonus offer: Wednesdays receive 25% off Faros Perks cardholder’s tab (residents only, does not include drinks of guests of the resident) * Not valid on special events & NYE. Must be over 21.

Union Fitness Coming Fall 2016

What’s Union Fitness?

Union Fitness is the newest addition to Nova Place’s live, work, and play community. It’s the joining together of mind, body, and spirit for a complete healthy lifestyle. This 10,000 SF state-of-the-art fitness center will be unlike any other gym you’ve seen. With yoga and spin classes, elite exercise equipment, group exercise and personal training opportunities, and showers, everyone can run, stretch, lift, and spin together in one place.

Whether you’re interested in morning, afternoon, or evening workouts, make Union Fitness an integral part of your workday.

What Union Fitness Means to You.

It’s not just important to know what Union Fitness means to us – it’s essential to know what it means to you. What do you want to see? What classes and amenities are key to your workout? We have a survey that addresses these questions and more. This is YOUR gym. Take our survey on our website today!

Meet Casey

We sat down with Casey Williams, the Fitness Manager at Union Fitness to learn a little more about this great project. Enjoy our Q&A below!

Q: Tell me how you first got involved in fitness and gym management.

A: It’s been unavoidable for me in a lot of ways. Growing up I was close with a local high school football coach so as young as 14 or 15, I would hang out with the team on summer weekends and he ended up teaching me how to lift after practices. Following high school football, I was afforded the opportunity to play Div. 1-AA football at Bucknell University where my strength coach taught me an even greater love for the weight room. After four years of football, I was left with no competitive outlet. I was never into the whole flag football or softball gig. If it wasn’t full go, it wasn’t for me. With the guidance of a local police officer and powerlifter, I entered my first powerlifting meet and never looked back. In six years of competition I’ve almost reached the top- being ranked #2 in the world currently in my weight class and #6 all time. With that has come connections to others in the industry, namely EliteFTS, that have instilled in me the desire to give back to the very thing that has empowered me and many others. I was employed as an account manager for the last six years- now through Union Fitness I’m able to merge my business acumen and my passion for training and helping others.

Q: What was your first impression of the Union Fitness project?

A: I’m a Pittsburgh native, and to be honest, I didn’t know what the Allegheny Center Mall was, let alone where it was. So the day I walked through the facility, saw the old, mixed with the new (Alloy 26), I realized what an opportunity this was for me and more importantly for the city of Pittsburgh. The projects at Nova Place, including Union Fitness, are all vibrant, unique, and cohesive at the same time.

Q: What do you want other people to know about Union Fitness?

A: This is not your mother’s gym. Union Fitness is an experience. From a staff perspective- I’m working on hand picking some of the best in the business.The design and aesthetics alone will be unlike any other facility in Pittsburgh. No expense has been spared on behalf of the customer. I was blown away when I saw the renderings for the facility, and now that I’ve
been able to add my own touches…I will be losing sleep up through opening day, in a good way.

Q: Tell me about someone who has influenced your decision to work in fitness.

A: There are many but I admire Dave Tate, CEO of EliteFTS, for what he has created. The company was founded in 1998 and since then has brought together the best collegiate and professional strength coaches, lifters, bodybuilders, doctors, trainers, dieticians, and writers in the industry. Multiple times a year the 60+ members gather together to donate their time for seminars and other projects to which all of the proceeds go to Make-A-Wish. It’s shown me that being a part of something bigger than yourself is one of the most fulfilling things you can do in life. I aim to use my platform at Union Fitness to do the same for the community of Pittsburgh.

Q: What do you do when you aren’t managing the Union Fitness project?

A: Besides my own training and competing, my dogs and family are a huge part of my life. And I have a close knit group of friends that I spend time with on the weekends exploring the city and all of the new restaurants popping up over town.