What’s Your Office Style?

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Motivation can be hard to come by at work, especially when you walk into the same office everyday. Innovation is crucial to success in business, and creating a comfortable office space can help spark and fuel inspiration. We’ve compiled some fresh ways to update your space so coming into work feels a little less daunting.


Go Green

Adding plants into your office is one of the easiest ways to add vibrancy and character to your space. Look for plants that require minimal water and sun, like succulents, cacti, spider plants, and bamboo plants. Best of all? Bringing plants into your office can help to combat CO2 emissions and freshen up your office air.


Upgrade Your Ikea Purchase

Ikea: the go-to for office organization on a budget. Well, lets take your Ikea buys to the next level. With everything from painted cork boards and stylized poster frames to upgraded cabinets and desks, these quick hacks take your Ikea favorites from simple to lux.


Ditch Your Whiteboard

An office classic, the whiteboard is a staple when it comes to brainstorming at work, but why not upgrade? Installing an industrial paper roll on your office wall is an easy way to brain storm with colleagues, present on the fly, and pull more paper as you need it. This industrial upgrade gives your ideas room to grow while adding a little bit of personality to your office.

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Optimize Your Space

If your space is limited, think upwards. Take advantage of your wall space by adding shelves, hanging file folders, photos, calendars, and mood boards above your desk. This approach to organization gets the most out of your space while creating a command center out of your desk space.


Get Creative

Offices get a bad rap for being bland and sterile. The best solution to this is to not shy away from color and artwork in your office. Find a statement piece of art or furniture that sets a tone for your space and works to bring inspiration to your work day.


With most of us spending 40 hours a week at our desk or in our office, there should be no settling when it comes to office décor. So ditch the bland and let your office space be your next source of inspiration.

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