‘Tis the Season for Shopping

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With Thanksgiving just days away, we eagerly await the beginning of the Christmas season, marked by our favorite shopping holidays. Take a look into the busy holidays that mark this upcoming weekend and check out our tips for making the most of your shopping spree in the ‘Burgh.


Black Friday Undoubtedly the most familiar shopping day of the year, this holiday is almost synonymous with Thanksgiving. Taking advantage of the season’s biggest sales, shoppers arrive en mass in the wee hours of the morning to kick off their Christmas shopping. The name originates from the idea that for the greater part of the year stores operated “in the red,” or, operating at a loss, and store earn a profit, going “into the black” on the day following Thanksgiving, because shoppers spent so much money on this day. Some of the retailers known for having the biggest discounts this day include Walmart, Toys R Us, and Best Buy, and its not hard to see why given that toys and electronics top off most Christmas lists. If you’re a novice to the big shopping day, jumping right into the sea of eager shoppers can be intimidating; so, we’ve compiled a list of expert tips for coming out on top.


  • Plan Ahead Experts say going blindly into a store is foolish. Research the sales and target the items you want, comparing discounts at various retailers. In your research be sure to note if rain checks are available for sold out items or if sales are limited in any capacity.
  • Get an Early Start When sales are limited, this means the best inventory will go fast, so have a cup of coffee and get shopping early.
  • Use Ads and Apps to Your Advantage With ecommerce a booming part of any retailer’s business, many stores will post secret deals online and have app-exclusive coupons. Download the apps for all the stores you’ll be visiting, and check their discounts early and often, as they may change.


Small Business Saturday Sometimes its not all about the mega stores when it comes to finding priceless holiday gifts. This follow-up to Black Friday focuses on bringing attention and business to local small businesses, which are often overlooked in the chaos of Black Friday. Featuring deals equally as impressive as Black Friday, Small Business Saturday not only supports local retailers but encourages community building through shopping—and, lets be honest, if we can make a difference just by shopping, you can count us in! Learn more about Small Business Saturday opportunities in Pittsburgh here.


Cyber Monday If you’re anything like us, your turkey hangover lasts all weekend. With days devoted to pajamas and reruns of Christmas movies, its hard to get motivated and hit the shops. If this sounds like you, then stay in bed, pull out your laptop, and hit those Cyber Monday sales. Some experts say Cyber Monday offers better deals than Black Friday, all while avoiding the chaos of in store shopping. What better way to make Mondays a little more bearable than with some online retail therapy? Check out the Cyber Monday website to learn more about all the greatest deals.

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