Perks Partner Feature: City Fresh Pasta

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What is our favorite thing to order from City Fresh Pasta? The Nova Salad of course! Well, actually there are a lot of things that we like to eat there, but who doesn’t like eating something named after them?

City Fresh Pasta has been a tenant at Nova Place for over a year, and has been offering a fresh new menu for tenants of our office complex, and North Side visitors alike ever since. City Fresh Pasta’s (formerly Ohio City Pasta Pittsburgh) is committed to providing the freshest pastas, ravioli, pierogies, gnocchi, artisanal sauces and butters possible, according to their website. They specialize in making food in small batches, prepared by hand, without artificial flavors or colors. They also offer vegan and vegetarian options, including vegan butternut squash pierogies and vegan gnocchi and ravioli.

City Fresh Pasta, for those of you unaware of its location, can be found in the Nova Place Concourse (Plaza Level) close to PNC Bank’s lower entrance and the Eco Bistro Express. While, its shop may look small, they’re constantly cooking up big flavors and meals, as well as menus that change daily. But some things stay the same every day – like their breakfast menu! Ever had a pierogi on a breakfast sandwich? Now is the time to try one out at City Fresh. See their selections in the image below (via City Fresh’s website).

City Fresh Pasta is run by Eric Earnest, the Owner and Executive Chef.  He has classic selections for lunch daily, including: the Cadillac Pierogi, Mac-N-Cheese, Fettucine Alfredo, Gnocchi, and ravioli (Plus you always have the option to add meat like: lobster, pulled pork, meatballs, etc.) Check out their lunch menu below (image via City Fresh’s Facebook):

City Fresh Pasta keeps things extra “fresh” on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays. These days the restaurant has specials. On Tuesdays, otherwise known as “Chicken Parm Tuesdays,” the restaurant cooks up delicious herb-crusted chicken breast topped with their signature marinara sauce and mozzarella on fresh pasta. See the description below (image via City Fresh’s Facebook):

Then, on Thursdays, City Fresh runs “Taco Thursdays” because who needs another taco Tuesday! Choose from chicken, pork, beef, or veggies tacos served in a red pepper and cilantro pasta shell. It’s an Italian spin on a Mexican classic.

But hands down, one of the best things that City Fresh does is their “Five Dollar Fridays” with varied menus that they announce on Facebook. On this day, you can enjoy the same food you get every other day, but at a $5 rate. It’s important to note that if you want to add meat or a drink or their delicious garlic bread to your dish, you will pay extra as spelled out on their menu.


Perks Partnership


As an added “perk,” City Fresh Pasta is also a Perks Partner offering a BOGO deal for all Perks Cards holders. When you show you’re Perks Card, all tenants and Faros Properties’ residents receive a buy one pasta bundle, get one pasta bundle free deal! It’s the perfect setup for your busy schedule – grab and go – it’s that simple!


If you don’t already visit City Fresh Pasta on the regular, go ahead and give them a try! They’re constantly posting updated menus and offerings on their Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter so give them a follow as well!


Also, if you haven’t given City Fresh Pasta the chance yet, come to our holiday party on Wednesday, December 13th from 11am-1pm. They will be sampling their pastas for free! We hope to see you all there!


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