How to Stay Productive at Work Around the Holidays

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It’s the most wonderful time of the year!… until you realize how unproductive you’ve been at work. During the holidays, it’s natural to get easily distracted. The snow starts to fall, the year is coming to end, and the holiday treats are everywhere in sight. It’s almost impossible to not get distracted from time to time, but when distraction does set in, make sure you find ways to stay productive. The holidays may be here, but your work can’t come to a complete stop. Here are some tips to stay productive at work during the holidays.


  • Avoid Multitasking: Multitasking is a strength for a lot of people, but with addition holiday distractions, there are bound to be some major conflicts when doing to do everything at once. Set a plan for yourself and follow it. Do one task at a time and everything will eventually get done. Don’t add unnecessary stress to your workday. Take your time and get things done right.


  • Don’t procrastinate: This one may be the hardest. Procrastination is one thing that the majority of people really struggle with and the holidays make it much worse. But regardless of how many excuses you come up with, waiting until the last minute will do nothing but set you back. Don’t let that happen. Take control and finish your assignments a head of time. That way you can enjoy you holiday break instead of trying to complete everything before the end of the year.


  • Remember to take care of yourself: The holidays bring a lot of temptations. Christmas sweets, staying out with friends, and refraining for your workouts all sound great, but taking care of yourself is the most important thing. Make sure you eat the right food, drink enough water, and get the right amount of sleep. You’ll feel better and you’ll do better.


  • Don’t take your work home: Try to finish everything in the office. Taking work home will only distract you more. Find the time in office to finish everything you need to and if you cant get it all done before it’s time to go home, stay a little later or save it for the next day. Taking work home is equal to taking a burden home. You don’t want the stress of work following you back to your place, so finish it all in the office and take the time you have at home to relax.

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