Fall Cleaning – Declutter Your Office Space

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Why is it that spring cleaning gets all of the hype? If you ask me, fall cleaning is just as important, if not, more. Summer is over, vacations are done and now its time to get back into the swing of regular life. Make the transition easier on yourself, and get organized! The only thing worse than coming home from a cluttered office, is coming home to a cluttered home. Kill two birds with one stone, and clean both!


First things first, Stop Procrastinating!

If you are like me, procrastination is your worst enemy. I know it feels better to wait, until the very last second, to do something, but I promise it does you no good. Start cleaning now! Make a list of things that need to get organized and how you plan on organizing them. Give yourself a time limit of when they need to be done and get to work! Whether you like it or not, Fall is here, Winter is on its way and you need to delcutter your work and home space. Stop waiting and get it done!


Have the Right Supplies Handy.

If you plan on decluttering the right way, you need to have the right supplies to do so.

  • A planner is a must! This is best way to stay organized. If you right it down, you forget it. Plan out everything that needs to get done during the week, and reference your planner daily so you don’t forget to do anything.
  • Storage Bins will save your life. Organize your bins by category and label them accordingly. For home use, storage bins can be used for anything like shoes, sweaters, scarves, and pillows and blankets. Home use possibilities are endless. Office use may be a little more limited, but still useful. You can use smaller bins to organize all of your office supplies if you don’t have enough room in your desk.
  • Sticky notes and highlighters can be used as a great tool for reminders. Have an important deadline coming up? Highlight it in your planner and stick notes on your desk and computer as reminder to meet the deadline.
  • You can’t complete a good fall cleaning without good cleaning supplies. Lysol and Clorox wipes will take away all of the germs, dust and bacteria quickly. Scented Lysols are always a good touch. It will keep your home and office smelling clean and refreshing. Once everything is disinfected, use a nice air freshener or Fabreeze spray to ensure that your place looks and smells great!


Check Expiration Dates and Say Goodbye to Everything you Don’t Need.

A lot of your household items have expirations dates and a lot of them have probably expired. Go through your pantry, refrigerator and medicine cabinet and get rid of the items that are no longer good. This is also a good time to get rid of those 6-month-old receipts that you thought you needed or that 3-month-old magazine article that you told your self you would read again. Say goodbye to all of it! If you aren’t using it now, or within the next month, chances are, it’s just unnecessary clutter that you don’t need.


Delete, Delete, Delete…

Do you still have those 1-page writing assignments from college saved to your computer? Or how about those pointless screenshots that you haven’t looked at in months? Delete all of them! The chances of you needing to refer to that writing assignment about your University’s pastime are highly unlikely. Make room on your computer and phone for documents and photos that are actually relevant.


Candles Make Everything Better

Once your home and office are finally organized and clean, light some candles to top it all off. Bring in some relaxing scents that take your mind to a good place. The only thing better than seeing a clean and organized space, is walking into one that smells great!


Follow these tips and I promise you’ll feel great. You will want to work harder. You will want to get things done. Being organized is never a bad thing. Stop wasting time and get to it! you won’t regret it.

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