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Red Chair PGH Workshop-Maximizing Mentor Relationships


January 31, 2020



Alloy 26 Auditorium & Lounge

Join this workshop to learn how to maximize your mentor relationships

About the Event

All proceeds support Strong Women Strong Girls.

Why This Session?
Sixty-three percent of millennials say that their leadership skills are not
being fully developed. However, those with a mentor are more than twice
as likely to plan a stay at their organization five years or more. While
seventy percent of Fortune 500 companies offer a mentorship program,
in today’s complex, diverse and rapidly changing work environment,
companies struggle to ensure individuals have the skills to maximize
mentoring leadership.

What Will You Learn?
During this reality-based, hands-on session, participants will learn how to:
• Define objectives and ensure meaningful outcomes.
• Engage in high impact conversations.
• Navigate “mismatches” and personality differences.
• Build diverse and inclusive mentoring relationships.
• Strategies to build sponsorship relationship.

Who Should Attend?
This session is for women mentees and women mentees with the their men or women mentors designed to:
• Maximize both new and existing mentoring relationships.
• Enhance the skills of new and experienced mentors.

Continental Breakfast


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