Come to the North Side: We Have Events

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This blog goes out to the North Side. So many of us live or work in this neighborhood, and it’s always beneficial to know what’s happening in your neck of the woods!

The North Side is a historical part of Pittsburgh’s community, and many of the attractions honor the stories that coincide with buildings or areas. With that, we’d like to kick of this week’s blog post with fun things to do in the North Side! If you’ve tried some of these, feel free to visit them again, and if you haven’t experienced any so far, go out there and see what the North Side has to offer!

City of Asylum

This is a community that provides a sanctuary for readers, writers, artists, and neighbors. City of Asylum offers a range of literary programs so people can continue to write and get their voices out there, ultimately aiming to encourage individuals to hone in on their creative skills. Neighborhoods are transformed into public art spaces with text, telling the stories of the people who created the pieces. For events, publications, news, and more, visit

Bicycle Heaven

Are you really into bikes like many of us Pittsburghers are? Bicycle Heaven might be the place for you, as it’s the world’s largest bicycle museum and shop—you can view memorabilia and theme bikes in the museum, buy an antique bicycle from the 4,000 they have to offer, or come in to fix up your own bike with their repair services. For more information, check out

Olde Allegheny Community Gardens

Have you ever wanted to grow your own garden, but don’t have any space? Look no further! Olde Allegheny Community Gardens, started in the early 1980s, has over 40 plots for you to choose from, for only thirty dollars per year, where you can grow flowers, vegetables—you name it. If gardening isn’t really for you, but you enjoy nature and nice walks, you can also visit this amazing community, which offers benches, walkthroughs, beautiful scenery, and water! Our thumbs are turning green just talking about it. Visit the gallery here:

National Aviary

If you’re more of a bird person, you can visit the National Aviary located right by the Children’s Museum, which features more than 500 birds of 150+ unique species from around the world. You can explore the Grasslands, Eagle Hall, Penguin Point, the Tropical Rainforest, the Wetlands, and more! If you live near Nova Place, or want a little break from work, why not check out this museum, which is only about ten minutes away? Buy your tickets here:

Children’s Museum

We understand that Alfred Hitchcock might have lessened your appeal in birds, which is why we’ve got a back-up for you: The Children’s Museum! It’s located right next door, and is a great example of the North Side’s rich history. Founded in 1983 in the old Allegheny Post Office, the museum retains some of the magic from old North Side, while also adding its own modern flair. For information on events and tickets, visit

The Andy Warhol Museum

If we talk about the North Side, we must mention Andy Warhol. Born in Pittsburgh, Warhol dedicated a lot of his time and creativity to studying fame and stardom, and channeled this energy into his iconic pop art, as well as various sketches and videos. This museum holds the largest collection of Warhol’s artworks and archival materials, and is the largest single-artist museum in North America. Find more information about their exhibits, events, and more at

PNC Park

Known as one of the most beautiful baseball stadiums across the country, PNC Park is home of the Pittsburgh Pirates and has a stunning panoramic view of the city from inside the park. Popular Pennsylvania eateries are available for fans in the concourse, and every Saturday is free t-shirt day for the first 200,000 guests. Located in the North Side, this beautiful stadium is visible from Nova Place and Park View Apartments, making it the perfect destination for celebrating a day off, or relaxing after a day at work. If you’d like to purchase tickets, click here:

Gus & YiaYia’s Shaved Ice

In 1934, Gus’ dad bought the shaved ice cart, and it’s been in business for over fifty years. After Gus’ dad passed away in 1951, Gus took over the stand at age 18, continuing on the family business ever since. This cart is essentially a symbol of the North Side and is in West Park. The thing that makes this treat different than typical snow cones is that instead of chipping the ice via machine, Gus hand shaves each ball in a made-to-order fashion. Who could go through the summer without trying one of these delicious treats? If you’d like to know more, visit For some reviews of the stand, visit the Facebook page at


We can’t write about the North Side without including Randyland, an iconic strip of colorful houses, which includes vegetable and flower gardens, pieces of art, sculptures, paintings—you name it. Started 20 years ago, the once-blighted community was the subject of creator Randy’s vision to spruce up the neighborhood, and he has indeed succeeded in doing so. It’s open to the public, and is in the North Side, making for yet another reason why we love this neighborhood so much! For a virtual tour, check out

Have you discovered other North Side landmarks that we didn’t include in this list? Share them with us on Instagram @novaplace with the hashtag #VibeNorthSide, or connect with us on Facebook at

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